Slotted and phillips length adjustable, reversible double head

Dimensions: Stubby screwdriver rod length 85mm, grip length 77mm, diameter 42mm.Good little stubby screwdriver, that can be retract, extend in length and also Reversible with Phillips and standard tips.

Screwdriver head: After precision processing, it can be used accurately and magnetically.

Screwdriver rod: Forged from high-grade chrome vanadium steel, strong and durable concave card slot, easy to adjust the length of the tool rod, can be used in various industrial places

Handle: The shape of the handle is ergonomic, anti-rolling, safe, uniform force, comfortable to use

Ratchet device: using positive and negative disable devices, convenient and labor-saving, can quickly decorate the screws, reduce the force by 40%, and improve work efficiency

1. Ratchet dual-purpose telescopic screwdriver

2. The cross/single-shaped batch head can be switched at will, which saves worry and effort and is more practical

3. Three ratchet adjustments, easy and labor-saving

General size Hexagonal reinforcement

4. CR-V quenching surface blackening treatment

High hardness, wear-resistant and practical

5. Strong magnetic adsorption, the screws are stable and less lost

6. PP+TPR material, rubberized non-slip handle

7. Palm size, one grasp, portable and easy to store

8. Suitable for all kinds of maintenance

Can be used in automobiles, home appliances, electronic products, etc.

9. Two-color handle

10. PP, TPR, chrome vanadium steel

5.0/5.0 Published 54 minutes ago

"Commpletely satisfied"

The quality of this Short Handle ratchet magnetic screwdriver sets is very good and it solves my problem perfectly.

4.0/5.0 Published 1 day ago

"Always the best"

This is my first custom production of my product. Their designers are very responsible, and my design has been perfectly manufactured. This is where I am very happy.

4.5/5.0 Published 3 days ago


I wholesaled Short Handle ratchet magnetic screwdriver sets from kingsdun 30 days ago, and the quality after receipt made me very satisfied, but in terms of delivery time, it is indeed not very fast. Maybe this is the premise of good quality.

5.0/5.0 Published 4 days ago


This is a great product. I recommend buying Short Handle ratchet magnetic screwdriver sets. Every batch is of good quality and can be used almost anywhere.

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