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Zero Degree Gearless 1/2" Quick Release Ratchet 38152

1/2" Drive Gearless Ratchet by Zero Degree. With Socket Quick Release. Zero Degree gearless ratchets and wrenches are designed to equip the mechanic with a superior alternative to traditional geared ratcheting tools. Their patented Gearless design utilizes chromium steel roller bearings to grip and turn a fastener in less than 1° of turning arc, allowing work in extremely tight work spaces. The roller bearings are magnetically stabilized to provide a smooth, silent "ratcheting" action that will not slip and meets the rigorous torque and lifecycle specifications of the America Society of Mechanical Engineers


• Zero Degree Gearless ratchets are designed to work in extremely tight work spaces by gripping and turning a fastener in less than 1° of sweep
• These ratchets are an ideal addition to existing automotive and mechanical tool assortments
• Magnetically stabilized roller bearings support a positive clutch design that engages instantly for greater control and a more precise feel
• Replaces the traditional geared ratchet mechanism so there are no teeth, pawls, or springs to breakdown
• Includes an easy sliding directional change mechanism and a quick socket release for fast and easy operation
• Built from high carbon alloy steel for maximum strength and durability and nickel chrome plated for superior rust resistance

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"Commpletely satisfied"

The quality of this Zero Degree Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit Manufacturer is very good and it solves my problem perfectly.

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"Always the best"

This is my first custom production of my product. Their designers are very responsible, and my design has been perfectly manufactured. This is where I am very happy.

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I wholesaled Zero Degree Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit Manufacturer from kingsdun 30 days ago, and the quality after receipt made me very satisfied, but in terms of delivery time, it is indeed not very fast. Maybe this is the premise of good quality.

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This is a great product. I recommend buying Zero Degree Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit Manufacturer. Every batch is of good quality and can be used almost anywhere.

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