Using a Torx Bit Sizes Chart is a great way to know which size to buy for a specific fastener. The chart can help you understand the difference between metric and SAE, and can also tell you what size is a good fit for the job at hand. It can also help you choose between an external Torx and an inverted Torx.

Torx Bit Sizes Chart

Like all other fasteners, even Torx screws are available in different sizes. They follow a special ‘T’ sizing for the internal Torx an ‘E’ sizing for the external Torx. The size of the screwdriver or the drive bit must match with the size of the Torx screw.

For example, if you have a screw with TX size, then you have to use a Torx Screwdriver or drive bit of TX size only.

Standard Torx Bit Sizes Chart

The following is a Torx Bit Sizes Chart for Internal Torx. Two dimensions are important with respect to Torx screws. They are Point to Point and Diameter of the screw threads.

Torx SizePoint to PointDiameterMaximum Torque
T10.0310.780.02 – 0.03
T20.0360.910.07 – 0.09
T30.0461.170.14 – 0.18
T40.051.270.22 – 0.28
T50.0551.40.43 – 0.51
T60.0661.67M20.75 – 0.9
T70.0781.98M2.51.4 – 1.7
T80.092.3M2.52.2 – 2.6
T90.0982.5M32.8 – 3.4
T100.1072.71M3 – M3.53.7 – 4.5
T150.1283.25M3.5 – M46.4 – 7.7
T200.1513.83M4 – M510.5 – 12.7
T250.1734.4M4.5 – M515.9 – 19
T270.1954.95M4.5 – M5 – M622.5 – 26.9
T300.2165.48M6 – M731.1 – 37.4
T400.266.6M7 – M854.1 – 65.1
T450.3067.77M8 – M1086 – 103.2
T500.3468.78M10132 – 158
T550.4411.17M12218 – 256
T600.51913.18M14379 – 445
T700.6115.5M16630 – 700
T800.6917.52M18943 – 1048
T900.78419.91M201334 – 1483
T1000.87122.12M221843 – 2048

External Torx vs inverted Torx

Having a good understanding of the difference between an External Torx and an Inverted Torx will ensure that you get the right bit for your project. Both types of screws have similar characteristics, but you'll want to use the type that best matches your needs.

The key differences between the two versions of a screw are in the head and the socket. While the head of the classic Torx features six points, the socket for the Inverted Torx has a star shape.

The star pattern increases the torque of the driver and lowers the likelihood of stripping the bolt. The socket also has an open slot on both sides of the socket. This allows a tighter grip and minimizes the risk of slippage.

The Torx Plus, also known as the Internal Plus, is an improved version of the original design. This version is designed to provide better torque transfer than the original design. The lobes on the screw allow for increased torque without causing much wear on the tool.

The most common sizes of a Torx screw are T10, T15, and T25. There are also specialized Torx sizes, including T47, T55, T60, and T65. These are used in certain circumstances, but they are not as common as the T10, T15, and T25.

Torx drivers are able to drive many thread systems, including metric fasteners, as well as SAE fasteners. Their unique socket design also reduces the number of bit sizes required. The system is very easy to use, and its benefits include reduced tool wear, reduced assembly costs, and higher productivity.

The TORX(r) Drive System was invented by Camcar Textron in 1967. It was designed to provide an alternative to the slotted-head screwdrivers of the day. The patented system is trademarked by Acumen Intellectual Properties, LLC. Other manufacturers often use the Torx name to promote their products.

The TORX(r) drive system has several benefits, including an easy solution to a common fastener problem, higher productivity, and enhanced reliability. You can also reduce total assembly costs by using the TORX(r) Drive System.

SAE vs metric equivalents

Whether you are replacing a broken part in your car or you just want to use a different wrench, you may wonder what the SAE vs metric equivalents of Torx bits are. Luckily, there is a plethora of information to guide you. A conversion chart is especially helpful to avoid making mistakes. You can also find a handy converter online.

The metric system is more widely used in other countries. In the United States, the Imperial system is still used. It is based on the Roman Empire's system, which considered one foot to be the length of a human being. This means that the same tool in metric units won't fit an Imperial nut.

The SAE is an acronym for the Society of Automotive Engineers. It was created to standardize measurement in the engineering space. The SAE is now known as SAE International, and it has 138,000 members worldwide. The organization sets standards in North America for the construction and automobile industries.

The metric system is also the standard for airplanes and boats. To make the process of repairing vehicles easier, the SAE standardized the measuring system. It's also been adopted by major vehicle manufacturing hubs in other countries.

The most obvious SAE vs metric equivalent is the size of the Torx bit. These bits come in a variety of sizes and are typically not interchangeable. The smallest of the lot is the T10, which is about the size of a 1/8" hex. The largest is the T47, which is about the size of a quarter. These bits are designed to work in many thread systems.

The SAE vs metric equivalents are usually close enough that you won't need a metric-size wrench. Most sockets are sized in inches, but you can find metric versions of the same sized sockets. You can also buy conversion charts that make the process less confusing. These are particularly useful when you don't have a mechanic around to help.

The metric system is a good fit for larger distances. It is not as accurate for smaller distances.


Unlike other screwdrivers, Torx fasteners are made to be resistant to cam-out. This is a type of tampering that occurs when a torque is applied to a screw that exceeds its limit. The Torx bit creates a round hole to prevent this from occurring.

Torx screws come in different sizes. They can range from small to very large. They are widely used in the automotive industry. They can also be self-tapping. Some are designed to countersink. They are commonly used for precision machines. They are sold in bulk packs. They can be purchased magnetically or through local hardware stores.

The Torx screwdriver was invented by Camcar Textron in 1967. It is considered one of the most efficient fastening systems. The design has six points and a center pin. This design allows for more torque and minimizes wear.

The most common sizes are T10 and T25. The head height is 0.062 inch (1.6 mm). The head diameter is 0.50 inch (1.27 cm). Some other specialized sizes include T55 and T27.

The Torx Plus drive system is another variation of the Torx. It is also known as External Plus. The lobes are more square than the original design. This design allowed for higher torque on the head. The Torx Plus also has five-lobed tamper-resistant variants. This design requires the right tools.

Other tamper-resistant variants of the Torx include Security and Torx Plus Maxx Stems. Both have a knurled or ball detent on the end. They are manufactured to tight tolerances and meet the most stringent government specifications.

The most popular Torx bit is the T10 screwdriver. It is available in bulk packs and can be purchased magnetically. Some Torx bits are more expensive than others. It's important to buy the right size bit to use with the right screw. You can find a wide variety of Torx bits in local hardware stores.

If you need to know which size of Torx is the right one for a specific project, take a look at the Torx bit sizes chart. It will tell you which Torx bits are compatible with which screws.

KC Tool

Whether you are buying a new set of Torx tools or replacing a broken one, you will need to make sure you buy the right size. There are three standard sizes of Torx, and each one can be distinguished by the T before a number. In addition to these, there are also specialized sizes that are designed for specific uses. You can browse the chart below to find the right tool for your project.

The most common sizes are T10, T15, T25, T40, and T47. There are also specialized sizes including T55, T75, and T90. There are even security versions that are designed to prevent accidental opening of the screw. Each one of these tools is made from a high-quality Chrome-Vanadium alloy and has a lifetime warranty. You can also get a discount on KC Tool by using a coupon code.

All of these tools are built to last, and are made to be easy to use. Whether you are looking for a replacement for your current set of Torx sockets or are purchasing the best Torx tools for a new job, you can't go wrong with a KC Tool. Aside from the Torx tools, you can also find a variety of sockets for your project.

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