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Tired of carrying heavy tools?Leave the heavy tape measures behind and enjoy the ease, convenience, and light weight of MiniParsec. The ultimate laser distance measuring tool for accuracy, portability, and powerful features.Perfect for everyone from architects, engineers, designers, and carpenters to students and homeowners.

No need to worry about biased data. With the double-transmitting and single-receiving accuracy, the measure response will take within 0.2s and be displayed in real-time.

With reliable ±2mm accuracy, Mini Parsec can measure from 50mm(0.16ft) to 60000mm(200ft), to meet all your daily and professional needs. It Saves time, takes up less space, and boosts efficiency!

It’s compact, pocket-sizedand only 65g in weightwhich is small enough to fit in any pocket. With just one hand you can measure everything you want.

Whether you are out camping, traveling or indoors, in the office, or decorating, you can always take out Mini parsec for a quick measurement. Break the boundary of using the tool but hard to find.

It can capture all the details including length, area, and volume. With the Fore-base Measurement and Post-base Measurement Modes, it's easy to get accurate data by simply positioning the Mini Parsec where you want to measure.

With the Continuous Measurement Mode, you don’t need to clear and take notes down of your last measurement value, the Maximum and Minimum values will be displayed in real-time.

Mini Parsec supports all measurement functions in a one-button operation.With its high-tech Pythagoras Measurement, you can simply start from one corner and measure walls, area, length, height, and more. Mini Parsec will help you with any measurement task.

Mini Parsec can auto calculate and record your measurements dateand take a record. So you don’t have to memorize data or complex formulas. Mini Parsec is your best measuring assistant.

The Laser Level of Mini Parsec is II and Laser Type: 630 - 670nm, <1 mW. Mini Parsec’s power and beam area will notbe momentarily hazardous when directly viewed or when staring directly at the beam with an unaided eye.

With a 370mAH high-capacity lithium battery, you can measure over 8,000 timeswith only one full charge needed. Don’t worry about battery issues and lost data, Mini Parsec is always ready when you are.

Mini Parsec features a backlit display that allows measurement data to be easily read, even in a dark environment. With its 1.5-inch screen, as well as the appropriate brightness of the eye-safe light, even if a long measurement works will not be tired.

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"Commpletely satisfied"

The quality of this MINI PARSEC Digital Laser Distance Measurer Tools Manufacturer is very good and it solves my problem perfectly.

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"Always the best"

This is my first custom production of my product. Their designers are very responsible, and my design has been perfectly manufactured. This is where I am very happy.

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I wholesaled MINI PARSEC Digital Laser Distance Measurer Tools Manufacturer from kingsdun 30 days ago, and the quality after receipt made me very satisfied, but in terms of delivery time, it is indeed not very fast. Maybe this is the premise of good quality.

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This is a great product. I recommend buying MINI PARSEC Digital Laser Distance Measurer Tools Manufacturer. Every batch is of good quality and can be used almost anywhere.

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