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✅ 【Upgrade Design】The length of extension rod is 3.34in /8.5cm, and the length can be extended from 0.98in-3.34in / 2.5cm-8.5cm after assembly, which can be combined with various lengths at will. The head of the screwdriver is S2 steel with a hardness of 54-56 degrees. Ordinary screwdriver material for CR-V, hardness of 52-54

✅ 【Multifunction Tool】 10 different types of screwdriver heads, including 4 Phillips screwdrivers, 3 flat head screwdrivers, 1 Torx safety screwdriver, 1 three-point screwdriver, and 1 wrench screwdriver, which can be used when most needed in family life

✅ 【Magnetic Adsorption】The connector of the screwdriver is magnetic and can absorb small parts such as screws to prevent them from being lost or dropped

✅ 【Ratchet Tool】Fix the screwdriver head on the screw, and turn the handle back and forth without pause. Screws can be tightened or loosened quickly

✅ 【Ergonomic Design Handle]】Easy to grip and non-slip outside, push-pull design inside, it allows the user to easily driving or removing screws bit

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"Commpletely satisfied"

The quality of this ZUZUAN 11 in 1 Ratcheting Multitool Screwdriver manufacturer in China is very good and it solves my problem perfectly.

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"Always the best"

This is my first custom production of my product. Their designers are very responsible, and my design has been perfectly manufactured. This is where I am very happy.

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I wholesaled ZUZUAN 11 in 1 Ratcheting Multitool Screwdriver manufacturer in China from kingsdun 30 days ago, and the quality after receipt made me very satisfied, but in terms of delivery time, it is indeed not very fast. Maybe this is the premise of good quality.

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This is a great product. I recommend buying ZUZUAN 11 in 1 Ratcheting Multitool Screwdriver manufacturer in China. Every batch is of good quality and can be used almost anywhere.

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